Innovation is our heritage

Tungsram, initially founded back in 1896, served as one of the fundamental pillars of the second industrial revolution, and it was a key player of promoting and developing electric lighting. The company itself  as established in the very year that marked the anniversary of the Hungarian millennial, and in this same year, Budapest was the second most dynamically growing city in the world, preceded only by Chicago. Ever since its inception, and even while the company was a part of General Electric, we relentlessly strive to expand our capabilities so that we can offer our customers alternative solutions, choices, and opportunities for their growth.


Tungsram is a global, innovative brand, constantly seeking unique opportunities and valuable partners that match and expand our current portfolio. It provides fast access to the latest technologies, further solidifies its infrastructure, extends our capacity, and triggers growth. We opt for serving the global market as a premium European brand while we keep production and R&D in Europe.

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Tuczai Péter

Director of Customer Relationship

Hrobár Péter

General Manager of Tungsram Innovative Solutions

Majzik Péter

Director of Product Development