The acquisition of ArchiFM has opened up countless new opportunities for both companies. The possibility to integrate the most successful Hungarian facility management software system into our portfolio adds an immense value to Tungsram, since its lighting optimization capabilities can complement our lighting solutions in any facility. By tying the knots with ArchiFM, we can now provide a vast array of smart solutions to our customers, such as installing and monitoring smart sensors, or keeping an accurate and up-to-date documentation of a lighting modernization performed. The new subsidiary, which, from now on, operates as Tungsram Innovative Solutions, has become a part of our family, which is a hallmark of inspiration, enhancement, cost and resource optimization and focuses on making a better present and future of mankind. By merging with ArchiFM, the driving forces of the two industries have united: decades of knowledge, experience, and know-how have fused. While the key concept of ArchiFM remains intact, it can leverage Tungsram’s mastery in all the non-core activities, thus building the new relationship even stronger.

The future lies in CAFM systems

CAFM systems simplify, optimize, digitalize property and facility management systems, this making them more cost efficient.

Think about it –

• There is a shortage of skilled professionals
• All data can be accessed real-time
• Faster ROI than expected: lower costs of operation can be achieved
• System flexibility: compatibility with existing but isolated solutions
• Environmentally friendly and economical
• Eliminates the time spent unnecessarily: more efficient workflows


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Over 20 years of improvement and development

ArchiFM is much more than just a piece of software. It features all asset and property management functionalities, and all the related maintenance modules. You can also use it on your mobile or on the web, which offers additional convenience, quality, and freedom of choice to its users.

The leading CAFM provider of Central Europe

ArchiFM achieved remarkable success in the Central European region in the past decade, and it also has a presence over the entire Europe, Japan, South-Africa, and has countless partners in four continents.

Why ArchiFM?

Because you will love it when you use it. It remains simple and user friendly, while there is a fully integrated and robust CAFM/CMMS system running in the background at full speed. In addition, it offers you the freedom of choice between web-based or mobile, on-premise or cloud, and it is interoperable with ArchiCAD, BIM/IFC, OrthoGraph (a 3D building surveying system) which no other facility management software can do.

Think about it –

• Full access to all your data anytime, anywhere
• On-premise or cloud SaaS (→ no need for initial investment)
• Integration with countless other systems (SAP, ERP, BMS/BAS/EMS, GIS)
• Centralized document repository
• Flexible and customizable
• We support all our partners with an extensive customer service
• Tungsram, which guarantees continuous innovation, uninterrupted operation, and financial stability